• Kathryn Miller

Now what...? - A Future in Floral Design

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Hey all, Kathryn here!

So I wanted to talk about how this business got into play. As stated in my previous post, I am trying to turn a passion into a future career, but that route did not come on its own. I was working at a floral design studio - and loving it! I had a wonderful boss and a great friend to learn from the ways of business and floral design. Both of those women at the previous job were such great role models, I have been truly blessed. I decided to go on a personal development trip out to Montana to help myself better understand the business and flower farming. I have loved being a hobby floral farmer, but I wanted to push it to become a career, so I went on this trip. I came back from the trip filled with life and excitement to continue my dreams and goals. I then texted by boss to ask her what she needed from me because there was a weekend wedding coming up. My boss informed me that they wouldn't be needing the extra set of hands. ("What...."). Sometimes I forget that the place I worked at is a business. It is a job. It is a place that makes money and unfortunately they did not need my extra help after the busy summer, so they decided to keep me on standby. In all honesty, my heart dropped. My dream job, gone. I didn't understand if this was my future, why was it falling apart? Maybe this was the path that God wanted me to take so I would really push this dream of having my own flower farm and floral design studio. I took the confusion, the pain and I put it into starting this business. Although this business will not officially start until January 2020, but I ordered business cards, I'm making a website, insta, etc. I am so excited for the future! I cannot wait to see where this path will take me. Even though getting that "we'll text yah," text hurt, I know what EVERY decision has been for this chance at turning my passion into a reality.

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