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My Education Experience

#floraldesign - What is my experience?

Well what some people might not know is that I am actually finishing my degrees at the University of Northern Iowa in Elementary Education and Spanish. I LOVE teaching, I really do. I am also very excited to become a teacher. I wanted to make a difference and thought the world of education would give me the best route to helping the next generation - but my life has been radically changed with my love of flowers and the route I took to get there.


Scroll back to 2015, my junior year of high school. I applied for a flower shop and did not get an interview

In 2017 I went to my first ever workshop at Pristine Floral in Minnesota. (Gosh I love her business and will probably post about her in another blog)

In 2018 I applied for a lead floral design position at Hy-vee and got an interview/ a mock design. After months of deliberation, I did not get the job.

In 2019 I applied for an internship at a high end floral design company. I got an interview and the job! After the wedding season... I was not asked back to the company. My heart broke. That was my dream job and I was not asked to come back.

After all of those let downs I could have just given up.... or I could start my dreams. All of those nos were hard but they make me who I am. I carve my own destiny. So I started my own momentum.


In July of 2019 I attended The Flower Hat Workshop in Montana. I learned so much about the balance of being a floral designer and a flower farmer! @theflowerhat

In August of 2019 I officially went out on a limb and started my own business

In September of 2019 I did my first wedding all on my own! (Check out the 21 Night of September Blog)

In October of 2019 I did my first styled shoot with the amazing @gracetphotography

In November of 2019 I did my first branding photo shoot with @kirstieveach

This is my future and therefore I am going to shoot for the stars! Oof, I feel empowered just writing this. I hope when you are reading this you feel empowered too. There will be so many let downs. You might change your entire life direction - AND THAT'S OKAY! We are in this together. We can't be stuck in the negativity that life can bring. We will figure out our passions in spite of the negativity :)

Love you all


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