• Kathryn Miller


Hello all!

Kathryn here. I just wanted to share my start- well the beginning of my start. Some of you might know this but I am getting my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. I really want to make a change in this world so I went into education. I have enjoyed teaching, but my heart wasn't yet content. I got what I thought was a "summer job," at a local florist shop. I have always LOVED flowers - the whole process of planting, harvesting, then presenting them to another person. Long story short, I had a wonderful experience with a wonderful company who taught me floral design. I fell in love with the business. I desperately wanted to work for them full time, but at the moment, they did not need another employee. I've wanted to start my own flower farming business with floral design, so when this company said that I would not be able to work full-time, I decided to go out of my comfort zone to try this business myself! So here we are, starting it! I hope you all will continue with me through this journey of me finding clients and making a name for myself!



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