• Kathryn Miller

If We Looked at People like we did Flowers

Hey all! Kathryn here. I was thinking about flowers (as a florist does - awk I'm a geek), and there are so many different types of flowers, who bloom all in their own way and time. We never get mad with flowers. We see a rose and think "wow that is gorgeous" and look at a dahlia and think it is gorgeous in its own way. No one would put the two side by side and get mad at the dahlia for not smelling like the rose. Yet why do we do that to people?


Sunflowers grown incredibly tall sometimes towering over the rest of the garden, but no one complains about their height. Hydrangeas grow together supporting each other. Some bloom faster than others, but looking at the bush itself, you noticed the beautiful collective. Tulips range from such a variety that the "normal" tulip look is not considered normal anymore. Peony bushes typically take 3 years to produce. That is a lot longer than most, but after the time, they look so incredibly beautiful that the time was worth it. Foxglove is considered poisonous to many animals, but it produces one of the most high needed flowers for florists. Roses typically have "stretch marks" on the sides. Does that mean their not beautiful? No! Florists will still use them in an abundance.


Okay, so the point of this is, why do we constantly compare ourselves with others? "I'm not tall enough." "I feel insignificant." "I don't fit the normal." "I am considered damaged goods." "I am not proud of my stretch marks." That could be said about all of these flowers, but yet they are so incredibly beautiful - and so are YOU!

The dork in me says that we all could learn a lesson about beauty from flowers. Bloom at your own time and you will bloom beautifully :)




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