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Branding Session with Kirstie!

Me - Wedding Florist

Hey all! OMG I just wanted to write a quick blog post about my latest OBSESSION! Oh, I mean branding session. I had always wanted to do a branding session but I was thinking that I should engage in one later on in my career. Then, like most of this business, I just decided to go for it!

I started researching branding photographers and honestly could not find one that I liked. I wanted clean images with more of a light and airy style. I decided to look for photographers in Iowa that had that style and I stumbled upon Kirstie Veatch.

I looked at her website and thought "holy cow - this woman takes GORGEOUS photos!" I was worried that when I reached out, she would not agree to such a small job like branding for a small floral business - but she did! I messaged her on Facebook and she was so excited to help. We started to talk on the phone and I knew we would work well together. She offered me a super fair price and I thought - well let's do it.

I drove up to Des Moines, Iowa the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and met her at a studio. I was super nervous about the whole thing but Kirstie was so amazing! She made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera and cheered me on with my designs.

I then got the photos back within 24 hours! That was the fastest turn around ever! I low key started crying looking at the photos. They were all so beautiful. I couldn't believe how great of a job Kirstie did! Long story short - this blog post is a huge thank you to her and her amazing skills. If you ever need someone to do your wedding photography or anything else, Kirstie is your gal!

Here are some more photos:

Here is her website: https://kirstieveatch.com/



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